Kymberley Ritchie

My background in complementary therapies sees me practising as an Herbal Medicine Practitioner in Perth, WA. When Denae first approached me for support with her Games campaign, it sparked further interest in nutrition for sports performance.  My Precision Nutrition training enables me to coach clients through improving their nutrition habits. I’ve since taken up the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Masterclass to become a Super Coach and now practice in a busy gym in Perth!

With my combined Nutrition and Herbal Medicine knowledge, I bring a complimentary and rounded approach to those training for sports performance.  I personally love fitness and love nothing more than seeing someone reach their peak. 

I look forward to bringing you advice and up to date information, on how you can improve your sports performance by making nutrition adjustments and possibly even incorporating some complementary therapy approaches.

Eat well, perform better!