Wanting to compete in the 2017 Crossfit® Games Open?

3 x Crossfit Games Qualifier, Former Australian Regional Champion and 2015 World’s Fittest Mum will help you prepare for the Crossfit Open and Climb The Leaderboard.

Hi Fellow Crossfitters,

There is nothing better than the anticipation that proceeds the Crossfit Open as everyone madly scrambles to improve their fitness and performance in time for the first WOD. There is also nothing more disappointing than thinking this year you are disorganised and not prepared for success.

I want to help take the guess work out of your preparation and help you peak and the right time and Climb the Leaderboard.

I have designed a 6 week supplementary program which will assist you in bringing your fitness level to where it needs to be in time for the open. This program will work hand in hand with the strength workouts that you are currently doing, and is designed to increase your baseline fitness using proven methodologies I use in madly Games Preparation.

Plus, I have convinced one of my secret weapon to join me in assisting you. Kymberley Ritchie is a wealth of knowledge on Nutrition and Herbal Medicine and helped me overcome some critical energy issues prior to competing at the Games in 2015. I want to share this resource with you.

So what are you waiting for, join me, peak at the right time and Climb the Leaderboard in 2017.

Yours sincerely,


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Reach greater results, all in time to conquer the Open.

The program design offers extensive training and sport specific analysis. It will provide you the opportunity to transform your existing training foundations and achievements and #climbtheleaderboard.


Who is this program for?

First Timers

First time competitors seeking to get their body prepared and ready in time to get the best outcome possible.

Experienced Crossfitters

Individuals who are looking to compete in the 2017 Crossfit open and improve their final standing.


Intermediate to advanced level lifestyle athletes and weekend warriors who want to improve their endurance and speed.


Coaches who have groups of athletes who are looking to compete and are in need of some additional affiliate support programming.

Join the 6 Week Program Now. Only $67

This is your year to Climb the Leaderboard.

Our 6 week program will give you the edge.

Weekly Training Updates

Receive weekly lung capacity workouts each designed to increase your anaerobic and aerobic threshold. Ultimate flexibility with gym and home workouts to choose from.


Expert Nutrition information which you can directly apply to improve your performance and overall health.

Meal ideas

Nutritionally balanced meal suggestions added weekly to keep you fuelled for those gruelling WOD’s and recovering faster.

Digitally Delivered

Delivered directly to your Apple or Android device, with demonstration videos, descriptions, image galleries and results driven data. Your program will always be with you on your phone.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely happy with the programming we provide a 100% money back guarantee.

Expert Support

Train with the knowledge you have a proven Crossfit Athlete, and a qualified and experienced Nutrition Coach on your Team.


Weekly Program updates delivered to your mobile

Programming Delivered Weekly

Weekly training and nutrition updated will be delivered directly to your phone through the fitness app Fitter, available on both Android and iOS.

Video & Movement Cues

Learn from the best through video and movement cues. Track your progress over the weeks, directly through the app.

iOS and Android App Coming December

Programmed by professionals.

Denae Brown

3 x Crossfit Games Qualifier, Former Australian Regional Champion and 2015 World’s Fittest Mum will program your workouts.

Kymberley Ritchie

Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Nutrition Coach, and Denae’s personal coach, will provide nutrition guidance and meals to fuel your results.


Built by athletes,
tailored to you.

This 6 week crossfit program has been developed to ensure you reach your peak and Climb the Leaderboard at the Open.

This is your year to Climb the Leaderboard.

This is a unique opportunity to have a repeat Games Competitor assist you. Don’t leave yourself asking questions this year.

All Inclusive Package
One off Payment

Contact Us for
any questions or queries


When does the 6 week program start?

The program kicks off on 9 January 2017. Everyone will start and finish the program together to ensure that we all peak in time for the Open. You will receive new workouts and nutrition support on a weekly basis. If you are late to start that is ok. You will still receive the information from the past weeks so that you can catch up.


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Ready to make the most of your Games tryout?


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